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With the global economy still struggling to come back, it is hard to drum up new business day in and day out. Many Dealers are tightening their belts and not allowing for cash to be spent on business development. Many companies and bosses are simply waiting on better times to come. It does not pay to wait, action must take place now! The automotive industry has taken a nosedive in recent years as a result of the struggling economy.

With nearly 80% of in house BDC’s failing it warrants a second look at outsourcing. Trying to compete in today’s fast paced business world without a BDC is virtually impossible. eDealer Outsource assists Dealers in selling more cars based on setting up appointments with possible clients as well as contacting qualified leads. The most effective and economical approach is to outsource to a well ran business development center with professionally trained agents on the phone using tried and proven call guides. eDealer Outsource llc works solely in creating new opportunities from unsold prospects, Direct Mail and Dealer owner base Customers. We can offer you a free week of floor and internet lead follow up or equity mining. You can be the judge of how effective we are at increasing the number of units sold.

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eDealer Outsource llc is a fast growing company that wants to assist struggling car dealerships in maintaining good relations with their clients and potential buyers over the phone. A lot of revenue for companies is lost due to poor call handling or ineffective follow up of unsold prospects. With over 50 years of combined Automotive Experience mostly related to Promotional, Phone Training, Sales and e-commerce we guarantee that eDealer Outsource llc will grow your automotive Dealership’s bottom line in a short amount of time. Our conquest marketing tactics can take your potential customers away from your competitors, bringing them to your business. If you are interested in this or other automotive service marketing help, please get in touch with us.

We deal exclusively with the automotive industry specializing in unsold internet and showroom, equity mining, early lease return and direct mail follow up campaigns, both on inbound and outbound calls. For more information on our growing product suite please get in touch with us

at 800-643-9899 or by email at info@eDealeroutsource.com

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