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Owner Base/Conquest Marketing Solution!

Every New Car Dealer in the US that's been in business for more than 3 years is sitting on a treasure trove of repeat customers.  On any given day there are plenty of previous customers that are in an equitable position and can trade for a new or pre-owned vehicle.  The challenge exists in trying to get sales people to contact them and when they do are they using intelligent dialogue and following a script to the tee on each call?  Sadly the answer is NO in most cases!

eDealer Outsource has a solution that produces not only quality showroom traffic & hot leads but also puts your dealership's Name in front of your customers in a favorable light. Each 500 record campaign is completed within 3 to 4 weeks, we abide by all FCC rules and maintain an in house DNC list.  


Call Solution:  Our standard Campaign is for 500 records!  We can extract data from your CRM or any equity mining tool you are using.  Our agents make up to 6 call attempts, we use a tested call guide that works over & over again. Our agents are highly trained and never vary from the call guides. Every call is digitally recorded and we provide you with full reporting
weekly and monthly. We use a local ANI phone number specific to your local area code so that the caller ID reflects a local number. As a business development center, we allow you to run your company without interruption while we handle some of the most daunting tasks for you. From equity mining to managing your unsold follow up, we will give you the best in automotive marketing solutions. If you are looking for a BDC that knows your industry, eDealer Outsource is the company for you.

We only deal with the automotive industry and we can offer you a free week of floor and internet lead follow up or equity mining. You can be the judge of how effective we are at increasing the number of units sold. Please get in touch with us at 800-643-9899 or email at with any questions or concerns.

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