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Generating Be-Backs with prospect follow up

When it comes to closing deals over the phone through a generated lead or with a current client, there is a lot of wasted opportunity. Studies have shown that out of all the work that goes into creating and maintaining a list of current and prospective buyers, only 20% of those on the list actually closed the deal presented. That is just not acceptable in today’s economy and your competition will reap the benefits. Stop wasting potential sales and have eDealer Outsource llc fine tune your outbound follow up process and increase revenue.

 With so much wasted potential, eDealer Outsource llc is a viable alternative to get your numbers and revenue constantly on the incline. Anybody that works in sales knows that if a potential client does not bite at the offer immediately and has to ‘think about it’; most times that sale is not going to happen. Persuading a prospect that didn't purchase on the first visit to return to the Dealership takes skill, and knowing what questions to ask to schedule a firm appointment is what is needed to close the deal.


Our dedicated staff is trained and conditioned on a process that is designed to funnel the client down to determine the one reason why they didn't purchase. This allows you to re-work your selling strategy to one that will encourage sales people to capture more contact information. Don’t let your competitors take a sale from you based off a poorly handled sales pitch or follow up. We can get your company the results needed in today’s fast paced economy.


With over 50 years of experience with front end business development centers and call centers, eDealer Outsource llc is an industry leader in helping car dealership increase their bottom line. Our approach will change your whole way of closing deals with prospective and current clients. Please get in touch with us at 800-643-9899 or email us at with any questions.


Dealers are closing less than 20% of their walk in traffic and 10% of internet leads.  The questions are, if salespeople are following up what are they saying, how many attempts are they making, did they make notes? We make the calls for you, we use a tested call guide & our objective is to identify the ONE reason that kept the Prospect from a purchase! We attempt to overcome that objection and schedule an appointment. We also identify hot leads, CSI issues, service and extended warranty opportunities. During our day to day calls we uncover trends that may be occurring with sales and management! As a BDC with valuable experience in automotive service marketing, we will gladly give your company the edge in a variety of services.

We only deal with the automotive industry and we can offer you a free week of floor and internet lead follow up or equity mining. You can be the judge of how effective we are at increasing the number of units sold. Please get in touch with us at 800-643-9899 or email at with any questions or concerns.

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